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The FFA is creating a new type of athletics event: the ‘DécaNation’, first edition on 3 September

On the afternoon of September 3 the DécaNation will be held in the Charléty stadium.  This competition has been created by the French Athletics Federation with the aim of promoting athletics in an original way, by adapting itself to the expectations of the spectators and television viewers: a simple, concentrated formula that gets the National teams into action.
The concept is resumed in the event’s advertising slogan: 8 nations, 10 events.  As its name indicates, this competition will be run on the basis of the Decathlon events (100 m, long jumps, shot put, high jump, 400 m, 110 m hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1500 m). For each of them the country will select their best national specialist, both in the men’s and women’s events.  The winner of an event will win 9 points (bonus of one extra point for victory) for their team, the second 7 points, the third 6 and so on until the last one who will win 1 point ….

Already, the largest Athletics federations have confirmed their participation alongside the French team: Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, China and the United States.

This enthusiasm from the major athletics nations, as well as the immediate commitment from France TV, L’Equipe and RMC Info as media partners to the DécaNation, is a sign of the keen interest created by this new event.
As regards the French athletes, the implication of the Athens 2004 finalists concerned in the DécaNation events (and already selected), has been extremely spontaneous.  Involved in the project from the start they will naturally be present, not simply in the poster publicising the event, but obviously on the track too: Leslie Djhone, Christine Arron, Marie Collonvillé, Ladji Doucouré, Vanessa Boslak…

The price at the ticket office has been chosen to enable the maximum number of people to come and support the French athletes in a full and enthusiastic stadium.  These supporters include Parisians and those from the surrounding area of Île de France, as well as the vast number of athletics fans throughout the country.

Reservations : France Billet  (France Ticket Office): 0892 692 694 or
Tariffs : Special offer until 15 June: 12 Euros

Partners : Adidas, RMC Info, France 2, L’Equipe, Conseil Régional d'Ile de France, City of Paris